Quick Blurb:

This is primarily a Japanese media-focused blog.  I write about my thoughts on film, TV, music, and anything else that I feel appropriate. Purely for personal indulgence at this point, but I try to write on interesting topics if anyone should wish to read what I have to say!  I feel like I am quite well-informed in the realm of Japanese entertainment, media, and popular culture, so hopefully I can provide some insightful commentary in order to entertain, inform, and question my readers. This is a good way to piece together everything that is in my head, writhing and clawing to escape as I ponder about what I have seen and experienced in film. View my IMDb(Internet Movie Database) page here.


Working on it… I’ll include my thoughts on Japanese cinema, personal preferences, favorites, what got me interested in Japan/Japanese media, the future, and why I’m worth listening to (or not worth listening to).

  1. Good to have stumbled across your blog! 🙂 I’m more into J-drama than J-film, and I was looking for a sort of guide through J-cinema — with reviews and commentary, which is exactly what your blog has. Keep ’em coming! (Looking forward to your drama reviews, too!)



    • Thanks for the comment! I’m currently working on my next batch of short comments/thoughts on J-film’s from 2001-2003 (I got in the habit of doing this a while ago, it’s just that many are unedited, written badly, etc), so expect that soon. The rest of the years will follow.

      If there’s anything that you’d like to see, let me know! I’m always open to suggestions, as well as answering specific questions.

      Now, on to my next movie.

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