A Look At: Solanin (ソラニン)

Solanin – lyrics

Mistaken thoughts from beyond the sky
A life spent saying goodbye?
The little piece of the future I saw
Was waving goodbye

The small room I once lived in
Is now occupied by someone else
The horrible things I said to you
The days that were wasted

Perhaps if I’d taken that chance, if I could go back to that day
But I’ll never be that person again

Even if that frail happiness
had somehow lingered on
A bad seed would surely have sprouted
So I guess this is goodbye

The cold cans of coffee from freezing winters
That long rainbow coloured scarf

I stroll through the back alley
It all comes back to me

Even if that frail happiness
had somehow lingered on
A bad seed would surely have sprouted
So I guess this is goodbye

I guess

Goodbye, that’s enough
You can cope anywhere
Goodbye, I’ll manage somehow too
Goodbye, that’s what I’ll do

The Japanese rock band Asian Kung-Fu Generation took these lyrics from the original manga and adapted them into the song which is played in the film.  Video and my thoughts on the film after the break.

Above are the lyrics and PV from Asian Kung-Fu Generation’s adaptation of the song “solanin” from the manga Solanin. This song was made for the film of the same name, which was just released in Japan on April 3rd, starring Miyazaki Aoi, Kora Kengo, Arata, and some other famous names.  I immensely enjoyed the manga and cannot wait to watch the film.  The story follows a young couple that both have no direction in their lives; Meiko has just quit her job and is unemployed and Taneda works part time while playing in a band with his friends.  Meiko pushed Taneda to follow his dream and go big with his band, which convinces him to write their first real song, Solanin, and start promoting the band.  Just when everyone is beginning to embrace their uncertain future, tragedy strikes, which changes the lives of everyone.

Asian Kung-Fu Generation is the perfect band to represent the manga, and from the looks of the trailer, the cast seems to be very well chosen.  As long as director Miki Takahiro can retain the magic that the manga had, the film should be well worth the watch.  I personally cannot wait.

Update: Solanin has received fairly average reviews from the users on Yahoo Japan Movies, with an overall score of 3.27/5.  Still can’t wait to see it.

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